Mrs. Dalloway and House Party: An Objective Comparison

Mrs. Dalloway House Party
Takes place within the span of… a single day a single day
Protagonist motivated by… throwing a successful house party throwing a successful house party
Protagonist is doubled by… Clarissa Dalloway by Septimus Smith Kid by Play
Passage of objective time marked by… the tolling of Big Ben the scratching of DJ Bilal’s vinyl
Institutional incompetence from… the mental healthcare system a duo of boneheaded cops
There is a fantastical vision of… birds singing in Greek; dogs changing into men the roof being literally raised
Protagonist finds inspiration in verses by… William Shakespeare Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor
Patriarchal oppression manifests itself in… an interior life, unlived a belt buckle beating
Protagonist is envious of their double’s… successful suicide attempt freestyle skills

The Great Man's Stripes

" evidence of a clear bias for British stripes, it could be construed as a betrayal of his campaign pledge to prioritize America."