E! Presents an Exclusive – Lord of the Flies: Where Are They Now?

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 40 years since the wonderful kids of Lord of the Flies stole our hearts, shook us to our core and launched us into a daunting existential crisis that forced us to reevaluate good and evil. How cute were those Littluns? We’re all wondering where that quirky gang of school kids ended up and E! has the exclusive on our favorite child sweethearts.

Ralph was our moral compass, the always nice guy who gave us faith in humanity. He’s the type of guy that would text you back. But let’s be real, he was a bore. It’s not to say we didn’t all crush hard on the tall, strong, handsome twelve-year-old, but come on, Ralph, spice things up. We didn’t tune in to watch people be good.

Unfortunately for us, all the drama burst off screen. After LOTF, Reckless Ralph became a fixture in the night club scene. He was also the infamous artist that placed pig hearts in prominent places around London. Sources close to him reveal that they’re worried about his alcoholism and his active campaigning for dictator leadership. It just proves growing up in the spotlight can do so much harm to a kid.

Jack taught a young generation about the eclectic outfits choir boys wear and started a cloak fashion trend that conquered the world. He also opened the door for children to talk to their parents about clinical sociopathy. Fun fact: Jack is the sole reason for discrimination against red heads and inspired the saying, “gingers have no souls.”

But the past is the past for Jack, who after leaving the Island did some intense soul searching. He spent countless hours doing yoga, meditation and reading self-help books. The phenomenal part is that he managed to do all of this in the confines of his juvenile delinquent cell, with only the help of his government sanctioned therapist. Since “graduating from prison” (as he put it), Jack has realized you can’t just murder people to get what you want. He is now the self-appointed leader of his own self-help group, who he calls his “tribe.”

Sam and Eric
They might be identical twins, but we can all agree Eric is the heart throb. The inseparable twins stole the show with their adorable, “no I’m Sam, he’s Eric” act. After leaving the Island they were corralled into doing some “twin acts.” They even shared the role of Michael Banks in Mary Poppins.

They fell out of fame after their serious drug problem was uncovered. The boys claim that the medications (as they call them) were prescribed to help with their PTSD and depression, but the public was not ready to accept that their two favorite cuties weren’t so innocent after all. Despite their attempts to stay out of the spotlight, the world’s obsession with the two has made it impossible for them to go outside without being tracked by paparazzi. This drove them to move into an isolated neighborhood in Malibu, despite pressure from their therapist to remain in populated areas far from water.

If you don’t remember Harry, it’s probably because he was never explicitly mentioned in Lord of the Flies. A fact that irritates him to this very day. Harry has a troubled relationship with William Golding. In a past interview on the subject, he’s stated, “you can’t just bloody choose five kids out of a group and launch only them into fame. We were all there. Their experiences can’t capture what I felt on that island. Ralph was no hero and he isn’t even a natural blonde.” Harry published his own book Lord of the Flies: The Real Story. After a brief moment in the spotlight where he revealed all his insider secrets, he appeared on several reality TV shows. He is now a clevel actor and is working on his next book, William Golding: A Second-Rate William.