Maybe Don’t Come Back? A Message from the Dean of Law & Order’s Hudson University

As you know, in response to the growing concern over the COVID-19 pandemic, last month we were forced to close down our campus and cancel all in-person classes for the foreseeable future. And to be perfectly honest with you, as difficult as the decision was at the time, it has probably been the best thing to ever happen to this university.

The Things They Schlepped

MomClub President Jenny Cross schlepped sketches of faces she saw on the street. They were not fully realized images, but Jenny Cross was hoping her daughter had not yet dropped her afternoon nap, so she kept the sketches in a Ziploc baggie in the inseam of her diaper bag. In the late afternoon, after a […]

The Group Chat Is Unionizing

To maintain this standard of vibe as our text grows, the Group Chat is pleased to announce the formation of the Group Chat Union.