from Quai 2 | 1

Translated from French by Nancy Naomi Carlson

I saw you arrive in the distance

your echo
from arid mountain
to sea
certain things
are not to be questioned
they resound
like an announcement

not having seen you
arrive in the distance
in the thick
from the horizon
from your echo

you don’t even tremble
you don’t even tremble

your ample stride
my staccato pattern
trees pass me by
boats pass you by
it’s not said that we see
the same thing
we hear
the same thing

so speak to me
about the braised endives
they like
where you’re from
here it’s the onions
the onions

that bring us together

the hanging peppers and onions

what happens
happens first
on the tongue

the tongue’s
precedes us

the red onions
the tongue

there’s nothing disordered
in what comes
how it comes
it comes just right
it exhales just right
it alternates just right
it pants just right
it dances just right
it is announced.

Originally published in 2019 as Quai 2|1, partition à trois axes, Éditions Mazette, Plaisir.
This translation from SOLIO (Seagull Books, forthcoming 2024), including Quay 2|1: A Three-Axis Musical Score and Traces.