You Are The Universe Contemplating Itself

Trans Issue 2015

according to science we are all made of
strings. this is a theory that i often test
on myself. let’s see how many ties i can cut.

let’s see how many times i break down
in front of you. let’s not see how empty my
face looks because it’s almost 3 AM & the
lights on clark street don’t reach your bedroom window.

stars created everything. planets are made of
the extra rock stars left behind. they didn’t need
any of it to survive.

we are made from parts of the earth. my fingers
came from that tree & your eyelashes used to be
part of a lost waterfall.

comets are difficult to study. they’re difficult
to spot & the light shining on them has to
be perfect.

the moon is moving one & a half inches away from us every year.
the stars didn’t need us but i need them so badly.

Three Pantoums by Lo Kwa Mei-en

“Analog Mockingbird Pantoum”; “The Crane Wife’s Heart is Pure, The Crane Wife’s Product is Pure Pantoum”; and “Yellow Swan Pantoum”

Love Jones

“They’re about to miss each other / again.”