Two Poems by Matthew Rohrer

"To Repel Bears" and "The War"

To Repel Bears

The heart has its reasons
for snowing on the cars at night.
For writing I LOVE YOU
in snow all over town.
Underneath your feet
snakes are already going
about their business.
And if you should meet
a bear today, raise your arms
and cry out I AM
A MAN, it is supposed to
repel bears
and people too.


 The War

A squadron of green winged
things, that are very small,
intent on something
small, move off, and the stream
is still a stream, and from
my seat on its banks
beneath the poplars I am
smaller still, all my thinking
focused on a tree.
I can imagine sitting still
in the changing light
all day, that it would
fix me.


"i’m gunless like a thing with wings"


"...saw a man break down weeping"