Two Poems by Khadijah Queen

From “I'm So Fine...”; “Theory...”

From I’m So Fine: A List of Famous Men & What I Had On

I never met Snoop Dogg but I met his homie Lil’ ½ Dead it was a video shoot for ½ Dead that I don’t think ever came out another extra assignment my sister & I were both chosen & paid a premium on top of the non-union rate but it was not enough for what we had to go through the dozen of us girls there had no dressing room so we packed the tiny ladies’ room four at a time to change into wardrobe as ½ Dead’s degenerate entourage kept knocking on the door & trying to peek underneath & making lewd comments ½ Dead himself flashed cash stacks at me & got mad when I refused his proposal to kick it later all of a sudden I was a stuck-up bitch & then it was time to start the shoot we got called to set & the smoke machine was going on the faux dance floor & midway through the unremarkable song one of the goons tried to pull my sister’s dress down in the front his finger actually touching her chest the AD had no control & ½ Dead who looked half-dead I mean it was like his whole aura was dirty he got on his bitch tirade again until one of the girls started grinding on him & pulling her skirt up revealing a thong & the entourage went crazy throwing dollars at her & trying to tuck them into her crotch so my sister & I put on our sneakers with our dresses & got our stuff & our signed vouchers because they damn sure were gonna pay us regardless because that shit was over the fucking top & we couldn’t get out of there fast enough we started hearing threats




"Your friend has entered the tribe / of those who’ve buried their mothers"


"i’m gunless like a thing with wings"