A man in a Chicano Batman shirt drove on the 5-Freeway Northbound, headed to Los Angeles. He was going to Guisados, a taqueria; they have some of the best tacos in town. The man in a Chicano Batman shirt had just gotten off work as a substitute English teacher in Southeast LA County.
The traffic was moderate at 3 p.m. He arrived in Boyle Heights in thirty minutes. Once inside the restaurant, he ordered four tacos: two salsa roja tacos, and two steak picado tacos. He also ordered a coke. The not-so-secret to the tacos is they are slowly cooked in stew for rich flavor. While the man in a Chicano Batman shirt ate the tacos, he admired the artwork on the restaurant walls. There was a painting of a bullfighter with a rose between his lips. A painting of various Mexican luchador masks. There were also some artful photographs of everyday life in Boyle Heights. When the man finished eating, he tipped his Dodgers hat and said “gracias” to the owner and staff. As he drove back home to Norwalk, he kept thinking, the tacos are a bit pricey, but they are definitely the best in town.

You Will Identify My Body By Ear

I heard you cursing me, / telling me you loved me, in the same breath. / Know they noted my last words— / Don’t tell the kids.


Not Estela, /
pigtails & cadence /
of okay mamá...okay papá /
w/o either parent.