“Guilt Shower” & “Bad Catholic”

Guilt Shower1

Adoptive High Adoptive Low
its performance stylized popular
masculinity extracts humaneness
only to demand white normativity
the first rule of fight club is you don’t talk
manliness sinks into me like tea leaves
con cuidado tomo cada respiro
I distract         learn myself with TV
en lenguajes extraños
about toxic rancheras with white friends
sing them in your guilt shower wash limpia
con humo and pumice stones saca blood
reparations required all the men
y con mis botas y cinturón
pegué relámpagos y nací con padre
hecho en Tilzapotla Mexico
que entierren padres nuestros

                    1This quadrant is based on Berry’s Model of Acculturation.

Bad Catholic1

Adoptive High Adoptive Low
every rain drops split open
a sacrifice to an unknown deity
we’ve all prayed to
each time we’ve fallen
in this fall              try
para entender lo que sintío Newton
the pain before it existed
en el sublime de la ignorancia
does it matter if it was Adam’s or Eve’s apple
que cayó and told the truth of gravity
sure there will be sects of arteries refusing
the proofs, las venas gritando herijia
una gota de Lluvia
se forma de polvo la inundación de tierra
pero Dios te pide que aceptes
la agua bendita en tu frente

1The quadrants are based on Berry’s Model of Acculturation.


Not Estela, /
pigtails & cadence /
of okay mamá...okay papá /
w/o either parent.

Self Portrait with Rain

But, /
somewhere: dawn and the hum of hollowing /
seeds planted in dry weather, like a sigh /
or shout or song for when the sky /
breaks open and gives out /
something kinder than light.