from Nature Poem

I can’t write a nature poem bc that conversation happens in the Hall of South American Peoples in the American Museum of Natural History

btwn two white ladies in buttery shawls as they pass a display case of “traditional” garb from one tribe or another it doesn’t really matter to anyone

and that word “Natural” in “Natural History” hangs
also “History”
also “Peoples”

hangs as in frames

it’s horrible how their culture was destroyed

as if in some reckless storm

but thank god we were able to save some of these artifacts — history is so important. Will you look at this metalwork? I could cry —

Look, I’m sure you really do just want to wear those dream catcher earrings. They’re beautiful. I’m sure you don’t mean any harm, I’m sure you don’t really think abt us at all. I’m sure you don’t understand the concept of off limits. But what if by not wearing a headdress in yr music video or changing yr damn mascot and perhaps shouldering the .05% of personal annoyance for the twenty minutes it lasts, the 103 young ppl who tried to kill themselves on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation over the past four months wanted to live 50% more

I don’t want to be seen, generally, I’m a natural introvert, n I def don’t want to be seen by white ladies in buttery shawls,
but I will literally die if I don’t scream


"Your friend has entered the tribe / of those who’ve buried their mothers"