Atmospheric Conditions

I too want / to be wrapped / in gravity pulse / licking the table’s edge / where
wishes / coalesce into spilt sugar / sweet milk pouring / over the kitchen floor
I’ve stained / my days the same color / as basement rugs where / thrums my dad’s
Strat the one / I could never / learn to play / to pluck / each string and hear a
dissonant throat / opening into water / he tries to tell me the flood / isn’t coming
but / it’s already here / not because I say it / is but water / has its own mind and
its own / premonitions swallowing into itself / pebbles and shoreline and pelican
/ bones the clouds sweat / out a winter that turns the world / brown what can I
know / of cold when my skin / is closer to snow / I’ve forgotten what it means /
to be / warm / how to shuttle in slippers / toward a morning / lidded eye / no
matter how / hard I try every day / is an outpour listen / to it clatter / and writhe
/ against the house it’s coming / from outside it’s coming out / the corners of my
eyes it’s coming / from inside it’s coming