The Matador

She tempts / death & leaves me, her mistress in the stands, / silk handkerchief between my teeth.


Because I dare not be in awe

My chiropractor tells me, your sternum is shining, meaning that the small bones
in my chest are rotating, overlapping, and moving away from one another—

close-up photo of a Jimmy Choo label on a high-heeled shoe

The Devil Wears Prada

Like any garment, men have their seasons.
I wear them to pay the rent.

photo of three stones stacked on top of one another and one small stone next to the pile

Mother Siege

I know it is a song
as much as a scream but
it melts the walls: let me build.

The Dog

How easily / I could imagine a version of our lives / in which he kept all his suffering secret from me. / I saw the beer on the counter.