Image shows a close up of gray and brown pebbles on a shoreline, shining with water. The water is clear, and the photo is lit by dim bluish light.

Atmospheric Conditions

to pluck / each string and hear a
dissonant throat / opening into water

A textured collage. Two Black women with full afros and glasses stand near each other facing the left of the image. Raised cut outs of orange text reading BUDDA-BUDDA

Feature: Mitchell L. H. Douglas

Sorry, / a friend died / of an overdose—heroin— /
& poetry class is no place / for an outburst.

Image shows a thin, pink petaled flower in focus. The background is blurred, with faint outlines of trees and a white sky. The light shines through the petals and the veins are visible.

friction polish

the patterns of silk catch light and dust and i rush it all away.