" Children waiting in empty
lots and melting sandcastles,
enduring as monster-flowers
–monsters, to hurt what hurts
–flowers, to want to live."

Three Poems

when I imagine myself / I am always leaving / I couldn’t draw my own face if god asked

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If More of Us Were Sirens

I go into the water and I wonder if the fear I feel is lesser or greater than the fear of my ancestors.

The Great Man’s Stripes

" evidence of a clear bias for British stripes, it could be construed as a betrayal of his campaign pledge to prioritize America."

drawings of pelvis, knee and foot bones

A Body More Than Flesh and Bone

Every morning we opened our eyes, expecting to see ourselves in [ ], the low valley of our birthplace. In other words, the beginning.

black and white photo pf hands touching tattooed skin


Lord—is self harm ever devotional or
Is it always a form of possession?