Known Among Universals

A grandfather is born in Jakarta. His mother is Chinese. His father is Belgian and Indonesian. His wife will be British, Sri Lankan, Indonesian, Scandinavian. His daughters will be born in the Netherlands. His granddaughters, New York, Los Angeles. This grandfather gardens. I call him in the Dutch, Opa. When he is ten years old […]


"I kept talking and talking, even as I grew tired of hearing my voice, even as I slid out of the heels I'd been wearing all week"

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When They Fight

"But they always fight. And when they fight — bodies squared, arms flying, fingers in faces, faces red, sweaty messes"

Encounters: Dudley Square

I’m waiting in Dudley Square / it's late / and a man in his fifties going by / Eliot, walks up to me / tells me about a woman / this crazy woman / and their chance encounter on a stoop in Dorchester

The Victorian Angel Guides of Death

Even as these stones romanticize their death, the mortality and harrowing pain of Victorian women haunts these scenes.


Suzo says moonkids find their way to Sandpoint because they’re drawn to the tides. They like to be around something else that’s ruled by the pull of the moon. Colleen thought she came to Sandpoint because Crabby Abby’s was hiring and soft shell didn’t seem like such a bad thing to eat for lunch every […]