Meet the Editors: Mimi Wong

Mimi Wong is the Enumerate Associate Editor at The Offing. She is a New York-based writer, video producer, and editor. Previously, she created the music web series “AudioFile” for ABC News. She has also contributed to projects for ABC, PBS, NYC TV, Mother Jones, and Time Out New York. Her fiction has appeared in Crab Orchard Review. She is a native of California’s Silicon Valley, spent brief stints working and living in Shanghai, and ultimately calls Brooklyn home.

What doors does The Offing open for you?

I think the greatest asset The Offing has to offer is the incredible community of editors, contributors, and readers. I love everyone that I get the privilege of working with. The people who contribute all possess an amazing spirit of inclusion. It’s really wonderful to be able to support each other and to feel supported as a writer and artist.

Is there a piece you’ve worked on or found at The Offing that’s been especially meaningful to you?

I was so excited when our department editor Aricka Foreman entrusted me with an Enumerate covering a group exhibit featuring immigrant and first generation artists. We came up with an idea to pair the visual images with texts that informed the artists’ work. From there, Aricka kindly let me run with it. It’s always a great feeling to be able to work a project that you believe in.

What would you like to see us do with the donations we receive during our fundraiser?

As a writer who has been on the other side of the submissions process, I really appreciate The Offing‘s policy of paying its contributors, even if it’s just a small honorarium. I would like to see that continue and, perhaps, for the compensation to increase. I truly believe in not asking writers and artists to have to work for free.

Anything else? Tell us something about your experience with The Offing and why this work is meaningful to you.

The Offing‘s explicit commitment to diversity is something that I cannot cheer enough for. And I love that the diversity in voices and content on the site is also reflected in the diversity of the editorial staff behind the scenes.