Meet the Editors: Connie Ni Chiu

Connie Ni Chiu is an assistant managing editor for The Offing. She currently lives in Los Angeles but left her heart in New York City, where she worked at the juncture of education and juvenile justice. Her writing has appeared in Entropy and The ReWrite’s Namjai Anthology. Her hobbies include second-hand bookstores, public transportation, and (dis)entangled intersections.

What doors do you open at The Offing?

I nudge, thank, and tie the knots together, which is really only a tiny piece of the big magic that happens at The Offing.

What doors does The Offing open for you?

Through The Offing, I’m connected to the intimacies, vulnerabilities, happinesses, sadnesses, humanities, complexities, laughters, and etceteras of strangers near and far — kind of like a long-distance relationship with the world’s big and small histories.

Is there a piece you’ve worked on or found at The Offing that’s been especially meaningful to you?

Tapered Throne/Bald Fade — an absolutely stunning embrace of intersections and unknown spaces that remind me of my students in a past life.

What would you like to see us do with the donations we receive during our fundraiser?

Spread the love, drop the knowledge, continue being.

Anything else? Tell us something about your experience with The Offing and why this work is meaningful to you.

Where else can you slay with The Offing-est team on bringing to life literary conversations by people of color, womyn and gender non-conformists, and members of the LGBTQIA and differently abled communities?

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