What Fits Inside

The young girl I babysit told me about how a person can fit inside a whale heart, it’s that big. Then she crouched and made herself into the ball that would fit inside the heart. When I was in elementary school we went to visit the capitol building and were told that a Volkswagen Beetle could fit in the rotunda. Now, 20 years later, whenever I am home for a visit and drive past the capitol building I picture a yellow Volkswagen levitating high inside the dome. I’ve been told that at the hospital all kinds of things can be found in a person’s anus. Even gerbils. Outside my cat finds ways to slip under the house foundation— he emerges, squeaking newborn voles in his large mouth.

New Taxidermy

If only you could corner bad luck,
capture its cosmic willingness


Scientists say that the genes of 500 million-year-old sea creatures can be found in my cells