Two Micros by Jess X. Chen

The Resistance of the Angler Fish

The resistance
of the angler fish

is to end
a billion years
of darkness

by crowning itself
with its own star.


The Day I Cracked Open Heaven

Where does God
send a girl who loves
another woman?

“To hell.” My pastor said.

That night, I abandon
my religion.

Kneel before
my own reflection.

Press my head
against thighs,

Kiss the tile floor
with my knees.

In the mirror,
a girl is shining

a flashlight
between her legs,

a mouth, wet
with angels.

I press my fingers to
her lips as if before

the telling of a secret.
                 I pray.

God answers
in a woman’s moaning.

We harmonize,
then cross the horizon

into eachother’s skin.
I lean back and watch

                 crack open.


“They seem happier when you're not around.”