Two Micros by
Ioanna Mavrou

Sunset Unseen

She wanted to sit on the rocks and wait for the world-class sunset that was coming. He didn’t really want to leave but he was mad so out of spite he took the sunset away from her. Was there any particular reason they were even together? Halfway back to the hotel he remembered, but it was too late. It was already dark and in the morning they would wake to fly to another city without famous sunsets.

Last Words

The day they came to repossess the country, everybody cried. Even people who you’d never expect to cry, serious people, who up to that moment had acted tough and composed, they stood there with their heads hanging low and their lips quivering. “We thought,” they started to say, but then couldn’t finish their thought, and instead they hung their heads and broke into tears, avoiding eye contact.

Godzilla’s Love Song

“Ghidorah’s and my first date. We climb the fire escape / to look at the Minneapolis skyline...”