Three Micros by Caits Meissner

“Dedication”; “Under Skirt”; and “Found Poem in Brooklyn Catcalls”


A Landay For the Women
Poets of Afghanistan

when I heard your names silent, I threw
my own off like a shawl and buried it, but it rose


Under Skirt:

A field of mushrooms.
Where the mouth goes
the sun follows no one.
I lay down on a silver platter
offer the place I clean most
intently for breakfast
so I may be a waterfall
or a pill for despair.


Found Poem in Brooklyn Catcalls

You got a man?
Can I get a sip?
Lemme get a bite, ma‐
You fly / you gorgeous / you sexy Ohmygaw
I’d fuck / skeet / slip / slide
I can see your tits.
I can see your desperation.
Can I come with you tonight?
You’re a doll and a scholar.
Have you ever seen two sunsets
on the same horizon?
Your eyes.