POV: You’re swiping on Brooklyn queer Tinder

The girl from Coney Island who bought you pizza. Your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s roommate who kissed with too much tongue. Your friends in a hot tub. A butch in Bushwick who slipped her hands beneath your overalls on the dancefloor. Three girls, one after another, at Lizzo Night in Williamsburg. An orange jumpsuit, pierogies, a neck painted purple. The ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s roommate’s friend. A lesbian in a dad costume who accidentally spent the night spilling beer on herself. A lesbian who showed you so little of herself, you accidentally invented a version of her to love, who would love you back.


Sometimes, in the morning, he smiles at me, and I think I’ll scratch his eyes out.


I thought it was better that way, for the cricket to be swallowed & carried inside a body so that it would never know lonely.