Prayers to My Stutter #1 and #3

Prayer to my stutter #1

Here in the red hour of repentance, how many layers of mystery do you wear? I am among the arches of your name. When midnight arrives will you be there, yet again, to drape your song on my shoulders?


Prayer to my stutter #3

Set me in the nest of winter like a jewel set firm in a crown. Set the jewel of the psalm into my midnight speech. The mountaintops are heavy with snow. Shiver me into silence, into the evaded word. Will you remember the rhythm of my vanishing? The stillness, the dancing. Smell the balsam fir, lost in altitude. Steeped in snow, I step down.


Science, do not forsake us. / Pretend dying won’t be inglorious / and hard, that we’ll reflect light like gowns / sequined and glittering

A Body More Than Flesh and Bone

Every morning we opened our eyes, expecting to see ourselves in [ ], the low valley of our birthplace. In other words, the beginning.

After the Honeymoon Phase

To me, Lifetime movies were like fables: fantastical two-hour tales that imparted important morals to live by.