“Panic Room” and “There is the god of spilt wine”

Panic Room

I smudge the air with sage.
The room becomes a red flag,

a bloody mist silhouette
of all my ghosts.

They rage quietly and formless.
They spit on my closed eyes.

I am a nuisance of a body,
but still a home they can’t leave.

I am my own noisy upstairs
neighbor. I am the carpet

I bought to absorb the sound
of shock existing.

There is the god of spilt wine
After Samuel Ace, “There is the god of white shirts”

There is the god of spilt wine and empty dishwashers   the god of a missed dose the   god of uncollapsed mines   the god of dust bunnies and nail clippings   the god of paint   there is the god of oversight   the god of the forced   hallelujah   there is the god of kisses   the god of please no thank you anyway   the god of tuesdays   the god of rain puddles and we are still children somewhere   the god of open doors and yes you too
and also   you

A Father Encourages

came up for breath only once / came up to speak only once / came up herself only once,