Open doors.

Support The Offing's inaugural fundraiser, October 18–November 8

Y ou already know The Offing is about taking aesthetic risks and amplifying marginalized voices.

Here’s what you might not know yet:

Together with our readers and contributors, we are already making the difference we set out to make. We’re helping to open the doors of the literary community to all — and in particular to those who, much too often, still find them closed.

But we want to do more, and we need your help.


We’ve always paid writers and artists for their work — but the payments have been nominal: $20-$25 for poetry and $50 for prose.

And our staff members, some of whom dedicate thirty or more hours a week to the publication, are all volunteers.

Our goal for this year is to double our contributor honoraria, and offer modest stipends to our most active editors.

While we’re a channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books, and they serve as our fiscal sponsor, they do not support us financially. The only funds we have are those we raise ourselves.  

Our operating expenses are minimal, and are paid for by an anonymous donor. But in order to meet the goal of doubling our honoraria and paying our editors, we need your help.

If you appreciate The Offing, and value the work we do, the doors that we open, please consider making a contribution to our inaugural fundraising campaign.

A gift of any amount is meaningful to us — and tax-deductible!

For as little as $5 you’ll receive fantastic literary swag: Offing bookmarks, temporary tattoos, e-pubs, tote bags, copies of our favorite literary magazines, and signed editions of recent publications by many Offing staff and supporters.

Click here to make a donation of any amount, or here to learn more about our giving level and incentives!

We thank you so much: for your interest, for your support, and for helping us to keep these doors open wide.

With gratitude,

Darcy Cosper, Editor in Chief