The Offing’s Open Doors Campaign: Giving Levels

Give $5–$5000, Get Great Literary Swag — and Our Heartfelt Gratitude

Please consider donating to our inaugural fundraising campaign, which will be running until November 8th. Our goal for this year is to double our contributor honoraria, and offer modest stipends to our most active editors. While we’re a channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books, and they serve as our fiscal sponsor, they do not support us financially. The only funds we have are those we raise ourselves.  


If you appreciate The Offing, please consider making a contribution. A gift of any amount is meaningful to us, and tax-deductible. To show our gratitude, we’ve put together gifts for our donors at different giving levels, described below:

 Giving Levels

$5 and up — A special e-publication featuring favorites from our inaugural six months; a mention on our new donor page; and entry into a drawing to win a ton of serious literary swag, including:

  • Signed editions of books by Offing staff and supporters
  • Signed photographic prints by artists we’ve featured
  • Recent issues of print magazines we love, including Agni, The Black Warrior Review, BOMB, and Hyphen
  • New books from our small/indie press partners, including New Directions; Two Dollar Radio; Readux; Verso; Graywolf; Grove; Knopf; Penguin; Little, Brown; W. W. Norton; Simon & Schuster; Akashic, and others.
  • Other superfly stuff TBA over the coming three weeks!

$25 — All of the above, plus a lovely Offing bookmark and a super-sexy limited-run Offing temporary tattoo designed by Tattly.

$50 — All of the above, plus an issue of the LA Review’s beautiful Quarterly Journal and a recent issue of a literary journal from one of our colleague/partner publications.

$100 — All of the above . . . in a fabulous Offing tote bag!

$150 — All of the above, plus a signed edition of a recent publication by an Offing editor, contributing editor, advisory board member, or supporting artist/organization.

$200 — Department Patron: Support the Offing department of your choice!

Your gift of two hundred dollars makes possible for us to pay our contributors in any Offing department for a full month. Donate to your favorite Offing department, and you’ll receive thanks on our donor page and:

  • The Offing’s ePub and an Offing tote with a lovely bookmark and a sexy temporary Offing tattoo.
  • A signed edition of a work in the genre of your choice (fiction, poetry, essay) by an Offing editor, contributing editor, advisory board member, or supporting artist.
  • A personal thank-you note from the department editors.

$250 — Literary Community Member: Support The Offing — and other literary faves!

We don’t yet have anything in print ourselves, so we got copies from some of our favorite print journals to share with you. You’ll receive thanks on our donor page, and:

  • Two or more issues from our beloved literary comrades Agni, Black Warrior Review, BOMB, Hyphen, OneStory, and/or Readux — and an issue of the LA Review’s beautiful Quarterly Journal.
  • The Offing’s e-pub, an Offing tote bag, a lovely bookmark, and a sexy temporary Offing tattoo.
  • Open submission to The Offing for six months: an all-access pass allowing you submit to all departments without a fee — even if the department is temporarily closed to general submissions! (This may only be used by one person, but the donor may gift it to someone else if desired.)

$500 — High Five

Hey, big spender. You’ll cover a whole week of writer payments.

You get a serious long-distance high five from our staff and a big thank you on our donor page, plus:

  • Five books by Offing editors, contributing editors, advisory board members, or supporting artists — including one in a genre of your choice signed by the writer.
  • Five literary magazines published by our esteemed literary friends and colleagues
  • An Offing tote bag packed with five lovely Offing bookmarks and five sexy temporary Offing tattoos.

$1000+ — The Offing Ode

Seriously. Fund an entire two-week publication cycle — a piece in each one of our ten departments!

How do we love thee? As a top level donor, you’ll receive the same incentives as a High Five donor, and our staff will write an original ode in sonnet form to you or a friend of your choice, which will (with your permission) be published on our social media platforms.

$2000+ — Theme Issue Patron

Every few months, The Offing dedicates an entire two-week cycle — a piece in each department — to a particular issue or community that demands our attention. In May, we published our Uprising issue in response to the political response by the public and and the Black Lives Matter movement to the murder of Freddie Gray.

In November we will publish our first Trans issue, edited by a group of trans guest editors and featuring work exclusively by trans contributors.

And our plans for next year include the theme issues Undocumented, Incarceration, Indigeneity, and Translation.

Theme issues are costly to produce — at least double the cost of a regular two-week publication cycle, because we pay our guest editors, and generally publish at least two or more works in each department.

Your generous support will make it possible for us to support many more writers, thinkers, artists, and activists from the community on which we’re focusing.

As a Theme Issue Patron:

  • You may select which theme issue to support (Trans, Undocumented, Incarceration, Indigeneity, Translation)
  • You’ll be listed as the Theme Issue Patron when your issue is published
  • The issue’s guest editors will write you a personal letter of thanks.
  • We’ll send you a personalized edition of a book by one of the issue’s editors or contributors.