Looking to the Horizon

We remain dedicated to opening doors for others in the same way that they have been opened for us.

an image of the milky way taken at the lake Chandra Taal

A Brief History of The Offing

I urge you to serve our futures by always making time to read, to create first drafts, and to do the hard work of lovingly and critically revising.

The Seattle Space Needle at night, taken from a residential area with a street light in the foreground, black and white image

The Boy. The Black Man.

What I do remember is the lingering knowledge and horror that my Boyness, my masculinity couldn't protect me.

photo taken from the orbit of the moon of the Earth from space rising above the lunar surface


Honey, my earth is merciful. You understand? / I call you mine not as ownership but because / you are a part of me.

a forest with a solid black silhouette overlaid, with images of galaxies inside the solid black coloring. underneath the silhouette it says "Juniper Leaves: The Otherwordly Tale of a Lonely Magical Black Girl"

This Vortex Leads to Magic

I imagine it’s what astronauts feel like in space, only we didn’t need oxygen tanks. We hovered before deep, black nothingness.

Getting Out Of “The Switch Up”

After they discovered Till’s unrecognizable body in the Tallahatchie River, Carolyn Bryant, the woman Till made a slight gesture toward, testified in court that Till grabbed and verbally harassed her in a grocery store, stating, “I was just scared to death.”