The Long Tail

My parents speak fluent English, and my Taiwanese is pretty well close to fluent, but some things cannot be communicated.


Ah, Yeah Beautiful Girls

He dreamt I was bodybuilder Kay Baxter. A bikinied beauty, yes, but not the figure I would have wanted to represent me at age 10, especially as the new girl in school, Black and visibly other.

The Eye Exam

“You’re not African American?”

He stares. “Not at all?”

He squints. “Not even partly?”

The Girl, The Well, The Ring

If you first see yourself in a host of ghosts, what does it mean to live despite that?

My Own Private Idaho

Their presence, as out gay boys, created a space and time where there was seemingly none in my life.


She is a history of black girlhood distilled by time and brutality.

Miss Girl Who Couldn’t 1997

I was convinced that if I just played the part right, I would be okay, I would be one of the girls.