Flight Path

Turning the shower,
             the flare. Entering turning
the back door. What
             entering the body remembers
and doesn’t. This what
             toddler trike hasn’t moved in
weeks. Here’s this
             the moon sucks up all light.
How here’s journeys.
             But how many can one girl
write? That but linearity.
             We that started again in
October. Or we started
             again in March. Did or
know yet when I wrote
             that? When did you get to
the center. It’s when silence.

We try over. Try not
             to appropriate this year,
we say. Not a lens or
             line. A home moved like
a knight. Home sometimes
             quivers quick. Sometimes in
the present. In gesturing
             sun down the long way.
Gesturing and bangling.
             And can we tell if it was auto
or manual. Can it be
             something about kitchens and cars.
It is just hurt moving.

And know it takes
             distraction. Know about self
healing electric boxes.
             About holding it open. Holding
what entering turning.
             What like a plan to break.
Like restraint caused
             by direction. Restraint is not
the same waiting in
             a white room. Is clearing it?
Clearing coming to
             mean five closets. Coming to mean
an interior window.
             To why we reside lower.
Why is it called lesion,
             we ask. Is it too slight.

Slight ask is where
             we fear it. Ask lower than last
time, lower than
             time before. Lower window
and wanting.
             Window closets my question.
Closets it closer,
             cleaves it. It, room, clearing.
Room direction takes
             is wide. Direction, break it.
Break turning our
             backs. Turning open palms.
Open boxes are
             only invitations. Boxes distraction
up and sends it
             back home. Distraction when
what I meant
             to say was transom.

Moving cars form
             another glazed opening,
return. Cars manual
             and otherwise. Manual bangling
bungling from place
             to place. Bangling way above
atmosphere. Way
             present you have been teaching me.
Present quick before
             slipping. Quick, knight takes in
the square. Knight line
             likened square. Line, say, but not
where we expect it.
             Say over there it will be different.
Over there we try.

Silence, center
             somewhere. Center that impending.
That march from time
             to time. March, October,
December, September.
             October linearity leached in as
displacement. Linearity,
             write somewhere else. Write journeys
somewhere else.
             Journeys light a girl remotely.
Light weeks slip
             out the back. Weeks doesn’t mean
much anymore.
             Doesn’t door entering turning?
Door flare a body
             up. Flare what remembers up.

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