[a foreign woman]

the date seller in Fez greets me
in French fi al maghrib I am a tourist

in school a suburban blonde
searches my complexion for life

forms a foreign
woman is not like

the moon there is no
tide I do not speak

the language is she fitna is she
uterine or urban

we all erupt
from a border

could I be good could I
be wild we be must be

currency ripe
or rotting recite

a pledge before bodies
rust from the wind

Misty Light 120s

“Misty Light 120s are the most glamorous cigarettes.”


“In my room is a map of the United States where black dots mark the places I’ve been, black lines the roads I’ve taken. America, enmeshed in a net.”

(another) Ithaca

“We are all running out of time, and running out of a place.”