The engineers of Planet Earth laid the tracks back to front and this caused a great deal of confusion—we’d think we were on the train to New York, but find ourselves lost in Istanbul. If we missed our stop, we could take the train past Sydney and sling-shot around back to the park’s entrance in […]


image of a green vase close up

Nina’s Alcoholism

She looked pleased, like alcohol had given her yet another gift. And vicious—alcoholics are so vicious. They'll drink your breath, and I knew it.

illustration of capillary network of the pulmonary blood vessels in the human lung


For some women, taking the higab—that permanent oath, that fabric tattoo—can be seen as a form of sacrifice but, for my sister Soraya, one of the most fashionable women of Cairo, if not Egypt, even the world, this would be the ultimate sacrifice.

close-up of red and orange feathers


They must have been born with this connection to their hands, to each other, and if that was indeed the case, then why hadn’t I been born with this gift?