Excerpt from OURS

Justice thought he heard a voice coming from the tree, but the sound had a pinprick to it, small enough that it had to have come from a specific spot in the boughs.


The cover of Sister Golden Calf; a peach rectangle sits in the foreground of a desert motif and bears the title, author name, and a variety of disembodied calf legs.

Excerpt from Sister Golden Calf

Animal magnetism unto me. The impossible object, confoundedly made to be at home in the world—the natural world that’s always trying new ways of surviving, not this indoor world of industrial artifact.

An Idaho license plate with multiple registrations tickers arrayed on top of it.


My father had never been a tidy man, so it was not a surprise to see the boxes stacked three high along the hallway, or the piles of Bowhunter on the coffee table, or the taxidermy stacked against the wall.

A vista of a snow covered cabin, with a snow covered wire fence in the foreground and barren trees behind the cabin.

Light and Moon

And there she was, milky-skinned and wrapped in white cloth so fine it looked spider-woven. Her eyes looking back at us as if she were not a baby, but a god.

The cover of the collection The Rage Letters

The Night Owls

I come from a long line of doomed women.

An empty white salt flat stretches to meet the pale blue sky at the horizon line.

In the End

In the end, God lifted us up into the sky, perhaps on arks, perhaps in fever dreams, and we remained asleep as we floated up, dreamless and still.

The cover of That Reminds Me by Derek Owusu.

Excerpt from That Reminds Me

He smells like cocoa butter and DAX and I follow his scent up to the door and watch as he stands in front of the colourful sugars with snappy names.