Not Everyone Is Special

“Your Power doesn’t define who you are,” she said the night we met at the Happy Flamingo, a straw floating on its side in her daiquiri.



“Yeah, it’s an Arab woman thing.”


"I kept talking and talking, even as I grew tired of hearing my voice, even as I slid out of the heels I'd been wearing all week"

When They Fight

"But they always fight. And when they fight — bodies squared, arms flying, fingers in faces, faces red, sweaty messes"


Suzo says moonkids find their way to Sandpoint because they’re drawn to the tides. They like to be around something else that’s ruled by the pull of the moon. Colleen thought she came to Sandpoint because Crabby Abby’s was hiring and soft shell didn’t seem like such a bad thing to eat for lunch every […]

Newfangled Creature

Make a game out of nothing. Make rules and order out of air. Guess who is hurting you. Start over, do it again. Feel trapped.