On Easter morning I found the head lodged in the dirt of my backyard, upright and still alive.


A blurry image of lights against an orange sky.

Tun-tun Goes to Lahore

We do not forget, especially when we try. And that is why I will not fill your head with these stories: you will have nothing to forget.

Two colorful koinobori, one blue with red gills and one red with blue gills, float in front of a light blue sky

A Fish is a Fish is a Fish

Here’s what really happened: I was supposed to be a twin but then I ate her. It. Absorbed it, for nutrients, in like the first trimester.

The cover of OURS by Phillip B. Williams

Excerpt from OURS

Justice thought he heard a voice coming from the tree, but the sound had a pinprick to it, small enough that it had to have come from a specific spot in the boughs.

A tilted view of the side of an apartment building through a glass window; the interior lights are reflected on the glass.

Plastic Bag

More and more men had been coming into the store and asking for plastic bags.

A person stands in a gateway and casts a long shadow back into a courtyard. The photo is black and white, and at a sideways angle.


You feel old for your age. You didn’t used to stare at windows and cry. But then, you didn’t used to have this much trouble falling asleep, even before you started amputating memories.

The cover of Sister Golden Calf; a peach rectangle sits in the foreground of a desert motif and bears the title, author name, and a variety of disembodied calf legs.

Excerpt from Sister Golden Calf

Animal magnetism unto me. The impossible object, confoundedly made to be at home in the world—the natural world that’s always trying new ways of surviving, not this indoor world of industrial artifact.