The Perils of Girlhood

I’ve read numerous articles about the murders, searching for some shred of evidence, some hidden rationale for this crime, but the more I read, the faster the details fade, like water smearing ink on a handwritten letter.


a photo of blurry lights

When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes, the only things that have ever dropped from the sky in Gaza are droplets of rainfall. They nourish the gardens, they soothe the cracked, dry earth, they fall upon faces like a lullaby.

black and white image of a dried seastar with five arms against a black background


It’s less a breaking than it is a detaching. The way they lose their arms, the way they save themselves, is by going soft.

aerial view of people walking on cross pedestrian lane

Real Needs

I was in love with him, I told myself, and he had proven himself to be completely unknowable.

a sunset in a cityscape of Myanmar. the cityscape is silhouetted in the foreground with the sun setting in a bright orange sky in the background

Everything We Couldn’t Be

As the sun fell toward the horizon, I lifted my sunglasses over my head. It turned out that the earth wasn’t a volcanic red. It was a dull, pastel color. I lowered my shades again. I much preferred it that way. 

a pair of hands of someone standing indoors holds coins

The Slippage

Dying seems the least likely explanation, at first.

a lone guava covered in water droplets rest between leaves on a guava tree

A Grove of Guava Trees

I had hoped to feel some sense of her spirit, her presence— but there was nothing there.