A Broken Alphabet

Anonymous Assholes                                       Bedrooms without spring or summer
Craigslist cunts on the cusp and               Confession by way of coma  Caught
Dick out               on a Sunday run                Doppelgangers as dappled lovers
Dappled light on left ankle tattoo           Deletion and completion

Cum on her purple bed sheet                     A tired thought

An explanation
of benefits

Expletives I class up               Eve in the evening       Flashy texts and pics
Eve in the morning                Flash drives closeted

Fucked them all          Fuck    all     them                             Fuck    them     all

Flaccid                   Little

Ghosts                                     I say
Greg’s ghost                        I say seance
Gregs’ ghosts                      I say

Hello, I remember you and
Hell’s hospital room where                          ​​                   I asked for help
The Indigo children and starseeds and mediums and Six of Wands
Indolent intuition       mine                                               Indecency for the taking
Inwood Park and the piano played         ​​                 its music absorbed by tulip trees

In our bed               I turn over
I see you                   Greg                   I see you seizure                                      a glitch in the corner


Jasmine on my mind
Jacked up index
Karma on the line
Kara or Kate no not Karen
Caretaker support group meeting attended once
Klepto currency (your exchange rate)
Leptomeningeal disease
Lists as ladders to  Monopolized desire
Missed therapy sessions with Josh
Moon in absentia
Marble Hill Avenue
Nurses at night say men double their lives
Night knife in future tense
Proxy; I won’t sign it
On Earth
No poetry in sight
No promises or
Prelude to remembrance
Q train and tips for busking and mantras
Q-tips discarded in our bathroom trash
Riptides                 this tirade
Rosemary            your mother
Rose quartz        asunder
Seized and seizure
Security answers: rW3nz0ri
Sitz baths and saints on playing cards
Soiled briefs in a plastic grocery bag
So what if
thoughts are things and
things are ten digit passcodes
Transfer of assets as you lose yourself somewhere else
Unusual online activity
Veneered in the fine print
Veering into riptides again
Vultures in Patagonia fleece

Women                they will come               and they will go

Women left asking         hello

What is the matter        you ask me

a. X-ray prophecy           b. Xanax alternated with Zzzquil            c. Expectation and expiration

You: a zenith
zeroed down to sleep

By The Numbers

On the coldest nights, you could hear these other lives. Broken housing contracts and paystubs-that-never-were fluttering their wings in the wind.

[a beating]

the / kneeling / is / not / like prayer.

Dark as in Lunar Silence

The moon tries to stay hidden, too, each
attempt as unsuccessful as the last.