A Mourner's Thesaurus

Whole, adj. Synonyms: entire, complete, full. Without you, I would have never been me.


An orange is sliced in half and displayed against a bright yellow background. Its cross section is divided into two semi-circle halves. The left side looks like any other orange, but the right side is stuffed with white pills.

Panic Attack Nutrition Facts

It is normal to burn as many calories during a panic attack as are burned by moderate physical exercise that lasts the same amount of time.

A series of mirrored brick arches receding endlessly into the distance.

Little Mother

Even before she lost custody she questioned her maternal drive

Collage work of a pink map of Cidra, Puerto Rico on top of a white background. Parts of the territory are outlined in red. The map fragment is in the middle of the image and is overlaid by three rectangular cut-outs that feature red flowers on gold and black or gray backgrounds.

Memory Work

a country disappearing from our hands, but that place doesn’t exist anymore

A slant, rectangular glass propped against an amorphous purple background.


It starts just before dusk: golden hour spritzed with Callery pear trees.