Eat beef: the west wasn’t won on salad.


Lines of blue windows on a brick building

Fourteen Ways of Looking

At fourteen I imagined that in the face of great tragedy, I would be brave, heroic even.

White ceramic cat on top of broken green glass and white ceramic

A Broken Alphabet

So what if / thoughts are things and / things are ten digit passcodes

White specks and splotches showing gas flaring on a black background, with city names in white.

By The Numbers

On the coldest nights, you could hear these other lives. Broken housing contracts and paystubs-that-never-were fluttering their wings in the wind.

Waves of desert sand

[a beating]

the / kneeling / is / not / like prayer.

A red full moon overlapping with a projection of itself in space

Dark as in Lunar Silence

The moon tries to stay hidden, too, each
attempt as unsuccessful as the last.