You're Coming With Me

"The youth in defiance of this
violence is a kaleidoscope of names that challenge
the tongue, names as wild a vivid as the wings
of monarchs."


image of a human bone cross section

Two Poems by Korey Williams

for togetherness is itself a separateness / like the way uniformity can look like love

image of an ash spill in an inlet

Swan Sludge

together how much waste / can we lay while habitually / co-habiting and co-curating

from the Koreana Cycle

“섹스 | sex | sex”; “Creation Stories II”; “Dangunsinhwa”; “Ajumma”; and “태주/Taeju”


“the name of how music plays / often means what it is: A record — a witness; a cassette”

The Islands

“When we first arrived, the ocean was a scene from a movie...”