image of a cloud lining at sunset

He mele kanikau no ke kini i kāʻili lima koko ʻia

The last line reads: Your life, it has been seen, witnessed, understood, known, felt, recognized. Let us all move together until we can breathe the ea, feel our breath, rise in our sovereignty.

image of the initial phases of a lunar eclipse


In the story of the lady in the moon, there is only one ending: to live out her nights as a captive, over and over, as if some necessary penance, as if a sorrow to see a woman paper-thin against the lesser light.

image of a human bone cross section

Two Poems by Korey Williams

for togetherness is itself a separateness / like the way uniformity can look like love

image of an ash spill in an inlet

Swan Sludge

together how much waste / can we lay while habitually / co-habiting and co-curating

from the Koreana Cycle

“섹스 | sex | sex”; “Creation Stories II”; “Dangunsinhwa”; “Ajumma”; and “태주/Taeju”