Tom Riefe

Riefe was born in Davenport, Iowa, in 1991, and he is currently living and working in his hometown. He studied at the University of Northern Iowa from 2009 to 2014 (BFA, Art History and Sculpture, 2014), followed by graduate studies at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art, Washington University, in St. Louis (MFA Fellow, 2017). Since then, he has been group exhibitions at the Kemper Art Museum in St. Louis, and in outdoor shows in Knoxville, Tennessee; Hutchinson, Kansas; Mankato, Minnesota; Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Riefe has public sculptures in the collections of Lakewood, MN (2019), Iowa State University (2018), Minnesota State University (2018), Laneken, Belgium (2018), Cedar Falls, IA (2017) Rock Island, IL (2016), and Sioux City, IA (2016).


Responsibilities, deadlines, and aspirations often send me on a spiral of what I have done, didn’t do, should do, can’t do, and need to do, filling my mental calendar and leaving no energy for what I am doing in the moment.