Sibylle Berg

Sibylle Berg was born and grew up in Weimar, East Germany in a Jewish family. In 1984, after a number of her close friends were detained by the Stasi, she fled to the West. Her first novel, Ein paar Leute suchen das Glück und lachen such tot (A Few People Search for Happiness and Die Laughing,) appeared in 1997 to huge acclaim, selling over 300 000 copies. To date, Sibylle Berg has published 19 novels and 18 plays. Her plays have been translated into sixteen languages, including Chinese, French, Greek, Italian, Korean and Polish. Reviewers compare her work to that of Bret Easton Ellis, Michel Houellebecq, David Sedaris and Will Self. Sibylle Berg is married and lives in Zurich, Switzerland.   Photo by Katharina Lütscher.