Natanya Ann Pulley

Natanya Ann Pulley is Diné (Kinyaa'áani and Táchii'nii) and teaches texts by Native American writers, Fiction Writing, and Experimental Forms at Colorado College. She’s published fiction and non-fiction in numerous journals including Split Lip, Monkeybicycle, and Waxwing. Her essays have been anthologized in several collections, most recently Shapes of Native Nonfiction. A former editor of Quarterly West and South Dakota Review, she is the founding editor of Hairstreak Butterfly Review and guest edited the "Gross & Unlikeable" all female writers/staff issue of Black Candies. Her short story collection With Teeth (Oct. 2019) is the winner of the 2018 Many Voices Project and was published by New Rivers Press. Online reading and contact information can be found at her website: