Monique Jones

Monique Jones is a pop culture critic and freelance entertainment journalist. Her work can be seen at SlashFilm, The Huffington Post,, Comic Book Resources, Mediaversity Reviews, Black Girl Nerds, Nerds of Color and SyFy Wire. She also writes about race and culture in entertainment at

Highly Pigmented: YouTube and Millennial Expectations

Highly pigmented. Not works well or is smartly designed or of quality—the focus is generally on how brightly colored an eyeshadow palette is. However, just because something is rich in color doesn’t it mean it’s good.

Modern Nostalgia

The Powerpuff Girls, Stranger Things, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Turtles, Toonami, Power Rangers and Hey Arnold are all back for the modern age, and shows like BoJack Horseman comment on the 20- and 30-something’s longing for the past