Luciana Hidalgo

Luciana Hidalgo (b. 1965) is a contemporary Brazilian writer from Rio de Janeiro. Her first book, Arthur Bispo do Rosário – O senhor do labirinto (Arthur Bispo do Rosário – The Man from the Labyrinth) was awarded Brazil’s most prestigious literary award, the Jabuti Prize, in 1998 and was later turned into a film, O Senhor do Labirinto (The Man from the Labyrinth), in 2010. Her 2008 book Literatura da urgência—Lima Barreto no domínio da loucura (Literature of Urgency—Lima Barreto Approaching Madness), was awarded the 2009 Jabuti Prize in the category of Theory/Literary Criticism. Her 2011 novel O Passeador (The Walker)received a Funarte Grant for Literary Creation and was a finalist for the 2012 Jabuti, Portugal Telecom, and São Paulo Literature Prizes. Her latest novel, Rio-Paris-Rio, was published in 2016, and has received both popular and critical acclaim.

Hidalgo holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature from the State University of Rio de Janeiro and a post-doctorate from New Sorbonne University-Paris III, where she is an Associate Researcher. She worked as a journalist for many years for O Globo and other carioca journals. Today, she is a much sought-after lecturer on her books and the topics of “auto-fiction” and “literature of urgency” in Brazil, France, and elsewhere. She divides her time between Rio, Teresópolis, and Paris.