karlie weltman

karlie weltman is continuously intrigued by writing and art which betray expectation and convention, risk catastrophe, vertiginous experiments on the edge of dissolution. She completed an undergraduate degree in art history from the University of Michigan and studies media, and sometimes makes art. Within the often nebulous entanglements between aesthetics and power, she endeavors to unearth that which slips between poetics and meaning, just below or beyond the thresholds of everyday perception. You can find a recently published essay on the enchanting work of Agnès Varda, at the Archivo Papers Journal.

love in the time of medias_res(onant)_wor(l)ds

Riven with lossless and lossy files, love exists but it's modulated and temporally indexed, spectral and weightless yet numerical and algorithmic. It signals and loops, feeds-back and computes, screen-snaps subversions against the horizon of an always imminent server shutdown and reboot.