Jenny Xie

Jenny Xie is a writer based in Oakland, California. Her work has appeared in Ninth Letter Online, PANK Online, Necessary Fiction, Adroit Journal, Phoebe, Hyphen Magazine, and Gulf Coast Online, among others. She won the 2014 Driftless Prize in Fiction from Devil's Lake, the 2015 Narrative 30 Below Story Contest, the 2017 Joyland Open Border Fiction Prize, and was included in the 2016 Best of the Net Anthology. A recipient of a Bread Loaf scholarship and a MacDowell fellowship, she holds degrees from UC Berkeley and Johns Hopkins University.

Pigeon Forge

Beatriz feels alarmingly soft in your hands, and you graze her body with your palms the way you would pet the long grass by the river where you live. She tosses her dark hair aside, wraps her hand over yours, and clenches down on her own flesh.