Jayy Dodd

Born in Los Angeles, Jayy Dodd is now based in the Northeast. His work has appeared / will appear in Lambda Literary, Crab Fat Magazine, Prelude Mag, Blavity and ​THOSEPPL​ among other online culture sites and magazines. His first chapbook ​[sugar in the tank]​ is forthcoming on Pizza Pi Press. He is the co-director of Books of Hope, a youth poetry publishing and performance program based in Somerville, MA. ​Photo by Mona Maruyama.

Take Your Coffee Black

"He will swallow you. Whole. Or in pieces. Or slice you as tendon, debone your chest, pick out your red met. Call you palpitation, ask you to be his veins."

The Black Artist: A Chronology

Most textbooks would have you believe Black history stopped in the 1960’s. That the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the infallible marker of progress.