Jaeyeon Chung

A Curator who has infinitely lots of things she wants to do but has become a mom. Jaeyeon Chung is an art worker who is based in Seoul and NYC. She worked at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA), assisting in the exhibition ‘Bauhaus: Stage Experiment Human-Space-Machine' (2014). In 2015, she worked as a Coordinator of the Curatorial Team at the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). Her last project in Korea was ‘Da Vinci Codex’ as a senior curator in Culture Station Seoul 284 with the exhibition (2016-2017), First Gangneung International Art Festival, GIAF22 (2022). She is currently writing about various issues in the art world, including Public Art Magazine and Contemporary Art Critic Webzine ACK. Writing and Curating exhibitions on topics related to contemporary art. Undergraduate studies specialized in Interior Design, followed by attaining a Master’s degree in Art History.

There Was Never a Beginning or End in the First Place

A sense that something has existed before and that it will continue to exist hereafter — a sense that I will exist forever. These were the emotions that Candy Koh’s works evoked within me when I encountered them for the first time.