Huang Chong-Kai

Huang Chong-kai is a writer based in Tainan, Taiwan. His novels include "The Contents of The Times" (《文藝春秋》), "Blue Fiction" (《黃色小說》), and "Further Than Pluto" (《比冥王星更遠的地方》). He is also the author of"Bootlegs" (《靴子腿》), a short story collection. Huang received his M.A. in History from National Taiwan University and is mostly recently a member of Alphabet Lab(「字母會」), a collective of Taiwanese experimental writers and critical theorists publishing serialized novels based on each letter of the French alphabet. He is an avid fan of capybaras.

The Capybara

"So we've accomplished our plan. How does it feel?" In the back seat, Ah Yung slaps the capybara's belly, which rings out like a ripe watermelon.