Gauri Awasthi

Gauri Awasthi is an Indian poet and environmentalist. An M.F.A graduate of McNeese State University, she has won awards from Sundress Academy For The Arts, Louisiana Division of the Arts Individual Artist Grant, Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, Community of Writers, and Kundiman. Her writing has been published in Quarterly West, Notre Dame Review, The Rumpus, Buzzfeed and others. She teaches the Decolonizing Poetry Workshop at Catapult.

Q&A with Saba Keramati, author of Self-Mythology

I try very hard to make the English language sound beautiful. But in doing so, I can’t ignore how language (and yes, even poetry) can also be made odious, or how eloquence can be used for malintent.

Q&A with Natasha Rao, author of Latitude

Many of the poems in the collection deal with guilt and shame because, for me, those are often the emotions that spur a poem and make me feel I need to write.