Faye Guenther

Faye Guenther has published short fiction in literary magazines including Joyland, and a chapbook, Flood Lands, with Junction Books. Her debut short story collection Swimmers in Winter was published in 2020 by Invisible Publishing (@invisibooks) and was a finalist for the 2021 ReLit Award. She holds a PhD in English from York University and lives in Toronto.

Excerpt from “Flood Lands” from Swimmers in Winter

Most people well enough to work with their bodies have left the village by now, headed for higher ground. I hear stories of what is out there, not so far away, closer to the sea—miles and miles of rusted, peeling, broken structures strewn across the land, hulking shapes like beached whales, their webbed plastic flesh torn away from their ribbed metal frames. Into the giant fruit of industry, the natural world is moving. It disassembles and it fills everything.