Erik Sternberger

Erik Sternberger started his career designing toys for DC Comics in New York and then spent a lucky 13 years working for various digital marketing agencies. He studied sketch writing and improv at the legendary Second City Chicago and his production company "Apathetic Revolutionary" creates comedy shorts and original scripts that have won awards at film festivals and contests around the country. MadLab Theatre staged his short play collection titled “, but it’s not about that.” as part of 2016's prestigious Roulette festival. Currently, Erik occasionally stands behind famous people in major motion pictures, creates original screenplays, and writes satire for websites such as McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies.
Website: Twitter: @ZapThunder (I know, I know, but I was an early adaptor and never thought the platform would eventually be important enough to declare a probable war on when I picked a disposable username.) Instagram: @erik.sternberger (In case anyone wants to see our dogs, I guess.)