Emily Alesandrini

Emily Alesandrini is a curator, art historian, and advocate based in New Orleans and New York. Her research concerns contemporary representations of race and gender with a particular focus on issues of opacity, ornament, and the diasporic body in art by women and artists of color. She has contributed to exhibition planning and publications at Wave Hill in the Bronx, The Studio Museum in Harlem, The Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, The Ford Foundation Gallery in New York, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Her writing has been featured in A Women’s Thing and Independent Curators International publications. Alesandrini graduated from Smith College with Latin Honors and a BA in Art History. As a fully-funded Elizabeth Allison Emory Scholar, she earned her MA in Modern and Contemporary Art History from Tulane University. She continues her studies as a doctoral student in Art History at Bryn Mawr College.

Instagram: @whitetrashcurator

Alex Jackson’s Mythologies of Survival

Without the proper identification or with emergency pamphlets that cannot ensure a safe landing, survival reads like a maze along mythological borders.