Diana Bellessi

Diana Bellessi was born in Zavalla, in the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, in 1946. One of Latin America’s most important living poets, Diana Bellessi has published over twenty-five books of poetry, including Eroica (1988), El jardín (1991 & 2021), Tener lo que se tiene: Poesía reunida (2009), Pasos de baile (2014), and Fuerte como la muerte es el amor (2018). Diana Bellessi is well known in Argentina and abroad as an activist and a leading voice in the fight for gender and LGBTQ equality. She has been awarded, among others, a Guggenheim Poetry Fellowship, an Antorchas Foundation Fellowship, two Konex Foundation Awards, a National Poetry Award, and she was named Illustrious Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires in 2010.