Carmen González Huguet

Carmen González Huguet is a Salvadoran poet, writer and academic. Born in 1958, she has published seven collections of poetry, as well as short stories, novels, a play and various works of non-fiction. González Huguet has won numerous literary awards for her work, including the Juegos Florales of San Miguel (poetry, 1988; drama, 2003) and of Santa Ana (poetry, 1997; prose, 2008), and the prestigious Juegos Florales Hispanoamericanos of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (poetry, 1999 2010; prose, 2017). She was awarded the title of Grand Literary Master (Gran Maestre del Gay Saber) in the art of poetry and prose for winning the San Salvador Juegos Florales three separate times in both forms. She has also received the Inter-American Commission of Women Award (El Salvador, 1987) and, in 2012, became a member of the Salvadoran Academy of Language.