Brandon Tauszik

Brandon Tauszik hails from the moors of northern England, where one can trace his roots back through many generations of noble serfs. Some suggest his highly skilled workmanship and personable nature are directly inherited characteristics from said serfs. Amid adolescence Brandon was relocated to the United States to continue education and impress schoolmates with his novel accent. Upon vindication from the halls of academy in Florida, Brandon continued further education between venturesome crusades across the European continent. These solitary voyages found Brandon as far east as Kiev and Istanbul practicing the art of photojournalism whilst procuring purposeful employment as a videographer in Spain and The Netherlands. For two years Brandon then whiled away his hours in the Art & Film department at Invisible Children, a media based non-profit organization.

Currently Brandon resides in the Bay Area where he directs commercials and music videos at Sprinkle Lab while pursuing personal photography projects.

Tapered Throne/Bald Fade

Portraits of Oakland's Black Barbers with Writings by Nate Marshall and Quincy T. Mills