Ayòmide Bayowa

Ayòmide Bayowa is an award-winning Nigerian Canadian poet and filmmaker; he started in 2018, on a shortlist for the Christopher Okigbo Inter-University Poetry Prize, then the longlist for the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize. He is the (2021-24) poet laureate of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, a top-ten gold entrant of the 9th Open Eurasian Literary Festival U.K, and a long list of the 2021 Adroit Journal Poetry Prize. He became first place in the 2020 July Open Drawer Poetry Contest, the June/ July 2021 Edition of the Bi-monthly Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest (BPPC). He evolved second place in the 2021 K. Valerie Connor Poetry Prize’s Student Category and has been published in Windsor Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Shallow Tales Review, Barren Magazine, Agbowó, etcetera. His collection of poems, 'Gills' (a semi-finalist of the 2021 Cave Canem Poetry Prize), is published in Spring (2023) by Buckrider Books, Ontario, Canada

Driving Test

Decamp into ramps of small intestine twists, she says. But driving alone, you’ve always avoided highways—for the fear of breeze shaving crazily at your vehicle’s chemo head, other drivers bullying your sluggishness or the spotlessness of speed guns with km bullets aiming at your windscreen's chest.